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The reflection period is over. And now, the moment we have all waiting for. A review of the one, the only… Wandavision. Or well, a rant. Idk. Whatever you feel like this is.

While the Endgame credits rolled I promised myself my Marvel stan era was over. I took down the posters and didn’t go to the movies to watch that one film another two times like I usually did… and lost contact with the one person who I talked about Tony happiness for the most part, so there’s that, too. The end of an era. I wasn’t giving more money to those bastards.

I was foolish. Very foolish. We all were, because I know for a fact I saw everyone go back to them the second the show started. I didn’t fell into it until the fifth week and, honestly, I would say it’s a good thing, because I managed to avoid the spoilers for the first weeks but the second I started watching I swear they were everywhere.

Full disclosure: I never watch anything, but when I do watch something I go all the way in. I rewatched every chapter. I analyzed the subtext the second time I was watching them, and I read a lot about all the theories and details and everything. I even read about the comics and things that didn’t have anything to do with the show. I never do things in halves, you could say.

So, that being said… let’s talk about the things I liked and the things I disliked about the show and what I think about it now that two weeks passed, and I’m no longer as excited or as hurt about some things.

This review could contain non-intentionally spoilers, read at your own risk (but I promise I’m trying not to spoil too much, some things I have to say).

So, the show starts with Wanda and Vision living an idyllic life in a quaint little town. It also begins in black and white (it fits really well too. I was looking for edits and there’s not a single one??).

The show’s concept was new grounds for action-packed, sometimes comedic but still very “adventure-oriented” Marvel. While they clarify later on the show why sit-coms are so important for Wanda and why the format was picked, at the beginning you’re thrown into a world that makes you question what it is, exactly, that you’re watching.

Is it a dream? Is Wanda being kept there for some reason or other? Is this a parallel universe (which we all thought would be introduced in this show because we are clowns)?

When weird things start to happen, the viewer starts getting clues while seeing Westview modernize until our days. While the sitcom references were modernizing I loved getting some of them, like Modern Family, Malcom in the middle (a childhood favorite!) or the 80’s vibes from Full House, which feels more impactful because that’s the show that skyrocketed Elizabeth twin-sisters to fame and made a path for her into acting (also, who didn’t love the Olsen twins growing up??).

But moving on because there’s a lot to cover. I loved the acting. Every single character felt really well played, from the kids to the town habitants –even more so when things started getting weird and they were trying to fight what was happening to them. Elizabeth Olsen shined as Wanda, and every emotion was really felt. Paul Bettany was at his best in the second and latest episodes, in my opinion. Maybe that’s because his character was limited by… circumstances.

Agnes was also a favorite from the get-go. From the noisy neighbor with a tendency to remark the times the sit-com was supposed to be set on to the weird aunt to the events of the two last chapters, she’s fun, she’s entertaining and she’s interesting.

Monica was a revelation I can’t wait to see more of. There were a few things about her big moment that didn’t sit well with me and that I felt like were solved a little on the next episode, but those have more to do with a style choose than with her as a character. I loved her initiative, and to see what was bothering and tormenting her, what was driving her.

Agent Woo was amazing in this and I was glad to see Darcy was being reintroduced as a character. Who knows if for her owns plots in new seasons or other shows or if she will return in Thor: Love and Thunder (I don’t know because I haven’t checked the cast list, tbh).

I also liked that Billy and Tommy seemed to have their differentiate personalities even thought they were so “young” and twins, and they were not really… . Poor kids. I think that’s what I said the most watching this show. It was obvious they were loved but there were so many fucked up things going on…

And now for the plot. I loved the idea at the beginning, and how Wanda’s world and the real one were starting to connect slowly. Their relationship was the cutest and I adored how they were a family with the twins and all.

The ending was a mess. Kinda. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how they fixed things because in my head there was no way they could have ended it in any other way. But the main problem is they didn’t plan it well for a show so short.

They had plot-points saved for the finale they should have introduced much earlier for them to have some impact in the viewers. There were some things people was expecting that didn’t happen, and while I get they were playing with the spectators and the game of TV inside of TV… There’s a difference between a good plot-twist and something that’s put here just to mess up with people. That felt cheap. I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

Both Vision and Agnes endings felt rushed and out of place, like they hadn’t had enough time to plan them out in advance and were improvising. They had so much potential and while I feel some of it can be explored at another time, there were too much build-up to some things for how disappointing they felt.

Okay now these are 100% spoilers:

I am also disappointed about the fact that there were visibly no repercussions for Wanda’s actions. It felts like just because she was grieving and in pain she was awarded immunity and that didn’t sit well with me, because it felts too much like justifying some real-world actions for the same reasons. I feel this TikTok explains it really well.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the show, but the ending felt rushed, and I needed a little more accountability for the characters actions, not pinpointing the one person as the single “villain” when yes, what he did was wrong, but there was too much leniency for some other actions.

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