Hey! I got myself a domain! And a server!

Surprise, beaches! I know, I know. Lame.

I’m sure absolutely no one has missed me, but I do this thing where I leave for months and then come back, and I can’t promise I won’t leave again but at least I can pretend I am funny to make things more readable. But hey, this time around I bring some interesting things. Or, you know. Interesting for me. For you, who knows.

I bought this domain (for 50 cents don’t think I’m spending money. I left WordPress bc I didn’t want to spend money. The server is a free one. Don’t overcharge it ♥) back at the end of January and it took me a month and a half to get the strength to actually leave my bed and do something about it. I am, without a doubt, the absolutely worst but since this isn’t a self-deprecation diary but a blog about books let’s move on. I hope you like the new site as much as I do (slightly better than the WordPress hosted one bc I hate WordPress if that wasn’t clear).

If you don’t like that I imported the followers and would rather not being here… I don’t know what to tell you. It’s the same page you were already following I promise.

Here are some of the other things I want to incorporate into th e blog:

  • If you want I will share with you a bi-monthly post with steals so you can buy (in paper). I have no idea if they’ll work in other countries but it’s the thought that counts*. I always buy books for 5-6€ and I think I should share.
  • Sapphic book-club!! I tried this on Twitter and didn’t work but maybe we can have a Discord server (no idea how that works bc I’m in fact not down with the kids but bear with me).
  • This means I’ll also take a look at my very messy handwritten rec lists and rewrite them in an appropriate manner, so I’ll have friend-shaped rec list of sapphic books (which means they’ll be just mood reading rec lists).
  • I might actually share my opinion instead of writing opinion post and then never posting them because I am scared of the repercussions TM
  • Movies, Music and TV shows. I do listen to people who aren’t Louis Tomlinson I promise. However, I don’t watch other shows that aren’t Doctor Who so get ready to read about 1980 sci-fi effects. Also, I have a degree I don’t know how to use so critical analysis of the only media I consume with little to not real knowledge coming to you. Or not. We’ll see.

I can’t promise I will stop complaining about WordPress. Not even my own host will make me stop thinking Blogger was better but since everyone in the book blogger community uses WordPress in English (why?) here I am. I added an accessibility plug-in so you can make the size bigger or use night mode, which is something I wanted to do since the beginning. I can’t seem to find the one plug-in I’ve seen other people use that allows screen reading easily so if someone could kindly point me to it, I would be very thankful.

Best news is, I actually have a few posts already written and re-written and over analyzed to the point they stopped making sense so it will take me longer to disappear.

*My links aren’t affiliated so feel free to not use them and search for the books instead. I know for a fact I spent a month thinking someone had bought me These violent delights as a gift because I accidently shared the offer link from my wishlist which I so sneakily linked here so when I added it to my cart it said someone had already bought it for me. A mess.

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