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March Wrap Up

Hi! I know what you’re thinking. That I abandoned this already after three new post. And you would be justified. But the truth is far worse… I think I am approaching WordPress with so much abhorrence that it is attacking me back. Because I have no idea how it could be causing me so much trouble in just a month.

Boring details you can skip if you want: For a few days I couldn’t access the admin dashboard or any of the functions then I tried everything I could find to fix that… and you couldn’t access the blog instead. Then I deleted everything and tried whatever was in my power to restore everything. I am still working on uploading all the images back. For some reason they won’t load sometimes, even when I reupload them. I have to admit I didn’t have a backup, like a post backup, but the PHP files of the whole post I downloaded before deleting everything, because I couldn’t access the normal backup option either…

For a while I thought “hey, this might be a sign that you shouldn’t be blogging, maybe it’s not your thing anymore, and you should move on”. But I really wanted to blog this time around, so I decided to ignore the universe, at least on this one. So… new approach. NO negativity from my side, and let’s see if this blog wants to be kinder to me.

So, yeah, the Wrap-Up.


Okay, so I didn’t get to read as much books as I wanted this month, which should surprise absolutely no-one, cause I never do. Anyway, The Daevabad ones are really long so they should count for two. Also, March has been an awful month for me mentally, like, truly terrible, so most days I was too busy dealing with existential dread to focus on anything else (A drama queen? Me? Absolutely).

I read Act your age, Eve Brown, which I absolutely adored. I love Eve with all my heart and soul. The relationship was so cute, and it made me happy to see both main characters were autistic.

Sun-Daughters, Sun-Daughters has a lot of potential in it’s worldbuilding, and the approach it has to both gender and relationships, but I think it was too short for me to really care about the characters and their adventure. I hope we see more of them in a longer format.

And The Kingdom of Copper was so good! The stakes were high, and you were waiting all book long for something big to happen, but you also come to meet a set of characters that were more mature and fleshed out. I enjoyed both Nahri and Alizayd point of view, but I am going to admit I didn’t care about Dara POV (and now that I am reading the third one I am starting to dread it, he is so annoying). Definitely worth the read if you’re looking for a new political fantasy to get into.

Movies & TV

I did watch (1) movie. That made me really happy, because I got to go to the movies for the first time since this whole thing started. We watched Minari, and it was equals parts authentic and heart-wrenching.

I am watching TFATWS with my friends, and I’m having a hard time warming to it, since it’s annoying me and boring me at the same time.

On the brightest side, I am really, really enjoying SK8. Yes, the anime about skaters. I watched every episode that’s aired already, and it transports me back to my teen years watching Free!, maybe because the creator was involved in that one too. It even left me wanting to watch more anime again, so I’m planning to start Jujutsu Kaisen.

I think that’s all I have to tell you today but stay tuned. I’ll probably post every day to make up for all the post I couldn’t publish these days. I have some good books to get to, too.

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