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April TBR

I promised a new post every day, but I didn’t say it would be interesting content for anyone involved. I am not the biggest fan of TBRs, because I don’t really like limiting what I will and won’t pick up, but I always write them down in hopes of reading more if I have a specific list to look at. It doesn’t work, but the hope is there.  

So… I am feeling cautiously optimistic about April (after all, it can’t go worst than March, whatever March was). It’s my birthday on the 29th (Me?? Shamelessly dropping my Amazon Wishlist?? Again?? More likely than you’d think), I got some good news regarding my job search, even though it’s nothing long-time, or with a good pay, but it’s something and I will take what I can get.

The fact that my average for month is five books, and that I read three on March, means that making a TBR with seven books is highly optimistic for me, alright? Keep in mind I will be starting a new job on a few weeks and I want to see if I can squeeze a day on the beach before that. A deserted beach. On a cloudy day. Alone. So maybe I’ll be reading that day too. Who knows?

Anyway I’ve been rambling for what feels like seven hours, so here’s my April’s TBR.

  1. The Empire of Gold
  2. The Atlas Six
  3. Breaking Character
  4. Black Sun
  5. A reaper at the gates
  6. A sky beyond the storm
  7. The rage of dragons

Okay, maybe I am cheating a little because I’m more than halfway into The Empire of Gold, but it is long so it’s fine. And once I’m done with my fantasy backlist that I have been taking for me on a TBR or other since December I’ll pick more sapphic books because this list is… sad.

Tune in a month for now to see how I ignored this list and read something else.

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