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Let’s talk bookish: How do you create bookish content?

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Let’s Talk Bookish is a meme created by Rukky at Eternity Books and Dani at Literary Lion. Today’s topic is: How do you create bookish content?

I decided to try something different today, mostly because I saw this around and today’s topic was interesting to me. I don’t think I’ll join every Friday, but I’ll keep an eye open to what’s being discussed.

As someone who’s been creating bookish content/blogging since… probably 2009, I feel like my style has changed a lot. A LOT.

How do I create my content? How do I decide what to publish?

I know there’s people out there who can be concise. I can’t. I need to write the most and ramble and talk to you about a t-shirt my grandma bought for me in 2005 before getting to the point.

My creation process consists of opening a new Word document and just pouring out whatever it’s on my mind. If it’s a review, I’ll try to polish it a little before publishing it, but I don’t really dwell on it. Sometimes I have to Google how to say something in English, but I have to do that too when I’m trying to write in Spanish and Catalan so I’m fairly sure I don’t know any language at this point.

Right now, I have like ten documents with half-written posts. Some opinion posts that will probably never see the light*, rec-posts that still need a lot of work, some ideas that I don’t know if they’re that good anymore… (I was doing a SHINee’s last album book rec but they’re lyrics are… something else… not in a good sense). And I have a lot of reviews started for books I finished months ago, and I don’t have notes on, so I’m going go out on a limb there and say I’ll never publish them either.

As you can see, I’m a disorganized mess. I like writing down my thoughts and, sometimes, I like sharing them. And sometimes they’re just a chaotic mess. Like the rest of my life.

So… I would say I have kind of an idea of what I want to say on my head, but mostly, I just let my fingers go wild. Earlier today I wrote a whole essay on why you shouldn’t let anyone tell you how to interact with/act in a fandom because ARMYs stress me with their guilt-tripping over streaming.

*I really like sharing my opinion in a variety of topics but, most of the time I feel like they stay in the drafts because I’m scared of disappointing people, or of coming out as someone who hasn’t done enough research, etc.

How do I work out my schedule?

As you can probably tell by now, I’m not the most organized person in the world. I start things getting overly excited and with a schedule in mind (this blog was Monday, Wednesday, Friday) which, as you can see, doesn’t get me extremely far. I deflate if I’m not good at everything on the first try, apparently, and that includes blog engagement. That and my mood swings… well, sometimes I feel like pouring my thoughts down and sometimes I don’t. I am an oversharer, that’s for sure.

As detrimental as that is for a blogger, I decided to try a novel approach that consist of posting when I feel like posting and what I feel like posting without apologizing for being absent for weeks, because then I start piling up posts and I never get them ready to go.

So that’s what I’m doing now, I think. And it’s working. Maybe. Sometimes.

2021 me vs 2015 me

When I first started this blog, I wanted to get back into blogging because I used to enjoy it a lot. But I was A) out of practice and B) writing in English. That brought a problem to the surface and it was that I needed to find my voice again.

When I blogged in Spanish, I tended to be funny and sarcastic/sardonic, but I don’t know whether it doesn’t come to me as naturally as it used to, or I can’t do that in English because I’m missing some of the vocabulary or… I have no idea, honestly. So, for a while there, probably almost a year (it sounds like a lot, but I disappeared for big chunks of time) I struggled with writing reviews because I felt like they weren’t good enough, or up to standard for me.

I think I overcame that now, and I’m really proud and happy with the way my last two reviews came out, so you can expect more reviews from me. I’m also slowly getting over the slump Daevabad put me through, so I have more recent reads to talk about!

Back then I would write about absolutely everything, too. Like sometimes I felt like I needed to complain about performative feminism in literature, or the cinema industry and the Me-too movement, or how Spain’s educational system was bullshit. Now I’m standing there like “All I know is that I know nothing”. I want to get back to just uttering whatever without a care for the world some day.


I don’t have a Bookstagram or a Booktube so there’s no going on a tangent about how I create that type of content. I tried both, but I think my creative potential is better inverted in the writing format. Vamos, que se me da fatal.

I’m happy with how my blog looks now, however. I use Photoshop, get my pictures from Unsplash, and I would like to learn a little about graphic design if I ever get the opportunity.

So… esto es todo amigos. How do you create content? Are you an anxious, chaotic mess like me or do you know how to get things done? Tell me in the comments!


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