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What have I been watching lately? (very loose use of lately)

Okay. Okay. Okay. I’m still processing Black Sun, which I read back in July, and other than that I’m not having a good reading year overall, so I find it hard to talk about books I’m loving when I’m not reading anything. I know some people who have book-related internet spaces but are stuck in a huge readers block just talk about other things or do tags or hauls they shouldn’t be doing because who is reading those books… but I have bought only one book since my last haul and, frankly, I don’t have the space for more.

So… I’m extremely lost, but I’m just throwing words here. I’m doing this thing where I try to blog every day, just a little, and see what I can write and maybe post. Kinda like… wordtober? Nanowrimo? But I’m just blogging and vibing and you’re just vibing with me. A big part of this is because I fear I forgot how words work. Like how do you write?? I don’t know anymore. I don’t know what reading was either. So instead, I’m just going to come here and dump my life for you to read until I feel like books are joyful again.

I’ll probably do a few posts about the books I read lately in the next days, so I’ll just talk about other things I’ve been using my time for now.

I spend most of the summer watching 9-1-1 and then Criminal Minds which was absolutely not my thing until it turned to be exactly my thing?? (That kind of TV shows, not the two I mentioned). I’m guessing my tastes changed. I’m not up to date with none of the two because as I’ve said before I have the attention span of goldfish, but I enjoy them.

I started Criminal Minds because some of my friends were obsessed with it over the summer. I’m halfway into season three but I slowed down after a marathon, maybe because I’m not really into the whole characters leaving (yes, I know my favorite show is Doctor Who, let me be a contradiction).

I started 9-1-1 because of Buddie, I’m not going to lie. I’m currently on season four and I was in the middle of watching the show when I got sidetracked and started writing this (see? Maybe that’s why I can’t finish anything. I’m in the middle of something then I jump to another thing then I scroll Instagram for two hours and then I don’t even remember what I was doing before. I can’t focus) so I might be caught up soon. I really like the dynamics and some episodes make me cry a lot. But almost everything makes me cry so this was expected. I know some people have their theories about Buddie but even thought I was introduced to the show because of it I actually don’t care that much and I’m even liking Ana thus far.

I also finished Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently. Yes, I cried. I wasn’t ready to let go. I think these past two seasons weren’t as good as the rest, so that helped, but overall, I really loved B99.

I know I just admitted to watching a whole lot of copaganda. I need to do better with picking what shows I watch in the future. And while I do think some of these shows do a great job portraying police abuse and some of the routes to take after acknowledging it (spoilers: whether it be May writing an application letter for college about how she’s living with the enemy, with her mom being black and a cop, or Rosa –and later Jake— quitting the force to help people with their complaints against the police brutality or Amy fighting for a police reform that aims to reduce the budget and the number of agents needed) they’re still reinforcing a positive image of cops in general, maybe even more so with some of the examples I gave, which I don’t think should be encouraged moving forward. As in, when pitching and writing new shows. Just let the shows about good cops go. After last year I don’t understand how anyone would willingly play a cop unless is to denounce it, no matter the setting, even more so if they publicly supported the BLM movement.

Am I getting too political again? Maybe, but at this point you should be used to it.

The MCU… I didn’t even finish watching The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, because the whole thing was too in the face for my taste. The message, the military endorsement… I couldn’t do it. I might get back to it when I’m in a mood for it, because I really like the actors.

I did watch Loki and I had a lot to say while it was airing, but since I’m summarizing right now… I think it felt a little too YA. I was watching the coming of age of people that were approaching their 40s. While some of the time-traveling was cool and the characters were alright, I did have some complains about the whole timeline thing that were explained by the end. Kinda. I think it is a good show, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the shows that are weird and involve science fiction and time travel the most. Dirk Gently and The Umbrella Academy are some of my favorites. I just think that it was weak in some bearings.

Oh! I don’t think I talked about Shadow and Bone on here. The show, I mean. I didn’t really like the books. They were alright, sometimes dragging too much and a bit annoying. I guess I might have enjoyed them more if I had read them back when they came out and not in 2019. But alas, I thought they were alright and, mostly, I was excited about Six of Crows.

While I still wish they had gotten their separate show, I ended up enjoying the mix more than I expected. I liked the actors, I liked Alina and Mal much more than I did when I read the books, I found the Darkling pretty underwhelming and I really, really loved Inej. She can stab me whenever she wants. I don’t know how much of the plot being intertwined I can take in the next seasons. If someone from the Grisha trilogy shows up at the heist I will lose my mind.

Otherwise, I think the show was really well made. The characters were more likeable, the crows maybe softer than I expected them to be. Nina and Matthias were exactly how I imagined them in the books, and I really liked their dynamic. I actually liked they went with their backstory first and I can’t wait to see the six of them together next season.

And I think that’s it?

I have only seen three movies this year: Dune, which you can read a review for here, Minari, which I really liked and Shang-Chi, which was interesting and had good fight choreographies.

Other than this… IDK. I just watched Louis Tomlinson’s Away from home festival livestream four times already because I’m a little obsessed… And I really want new music from him ;; __;; I think the documentary is pretty good even if you’re not a fan, and the concert was amazing. I recommend giving Change and Copy of a Copy of a Copy a listen (of course I do. I have no other topic of conversation).

Since I said I would try to write a little every day, I’m saving the rest of the music recommendations too for another post. So… this might be a very weird, very chaotic TV show roundup post. Who knew where this was going when I started? Definitely not me.

Do you like the shows I mentioned? Do you agree with my opinions? I know they’re very summarized and not my usual rants but still…

Also, if you want to rec me a TV show you think I might enjoy I’m opened to trying almost everything. Hope you have a great day ♥


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